Case Study For A New Driveway And Patio Paving At Carleton Rode

Mr & Mrs Garnham have just built themself a lovely new home, With being a new property it required a new patio and driveway some garden walling and fencing, the patio was laid in a natural sandstone colour forest glen with a alpha burnt oak boarder, And the walling was built in a Hoskins old farmhouse blend brick to match the property , The driveway is laid in a alpha set colour burnt oak in 3 sizes, Mr Garnham is a keen gardener and wishes to tackle the remaining landscaping himself now that the structural work is done, And i must say I’m looking forward to seeing the finished result and wish them both happiness in there new home.

CLIENT: Mr P Garnham – Carleton Rode
DATE: 23/01/2014

Mr Garnhams Testimonial

Hello Karl, I am very pleased to be able to write a commendation for the work done by K T Lake at our new home in Carleton Rode. Having just completed the construction of a new house we looked for a contractor that could provide high quality paving around the building, including the front drive and an area of terrace to the side and rear. From the outset we received very helpful advice to improve the ideas that we had put together from our general researches and discussions with other contractors. Having settled on a scheme using appropriate materials it was a pleasant change (from some of the experiences had with contractors involved in the house construction) to have a firm turn up when it said it would, work hard whilst there and not go until the job was done. The team involved with the task were friendly, co-operative and tidy in the way that they set about the work and the end result was first class. The quality of the final product has drawn many favourable comments. I must say that, from my experience, I would have no difficulty in recommending the company and the ever helpful Karl Lake as its proprietor. Kind regards Peter Garnham