Landscaping created by KT Lake Paving & Landscaping

By having your garden landscaped you can free up areas that were previously unusable. This may involve installing retaining walls to hold back higher ground, terracing the garden to provide a series of level areas, or just simply re-leveling a lawn to provide a more useable and attractive space. Landscaping your garden can involve installing drainage, raised beds, in fact all sorts of elements that involves restructuring the garden to better serve the purpose you intend for it.KT Lake Paving & Landscaping offers a fully comprehensive service and we offer advice on design for hard and soft landscaped gardens. From original conceptional ideas, KT Lake Paving & Landscaping can turn your existing garden through to a place that you will never want to leave. Supplying a service that is fully tailored to your ideas and budget.We are proud to be members of The Association of Professional LandscapersAll our work is carried out by our own fully trained staff, for further information on our Landscaping Norfolk and Landscaping Norwich please get in touch.

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