hot tar and chip surfacing

Hot Tar and Chip Surfacing

Hot Tar and Chip Surfacing Installers

If you’re looking for a traditional asphalt driveway, then a hot tar and shingle system would be what you need. They offer a traditional look that can easily be surfaced up for other uses in the future. 

For an impressive, hard-wearing, and natural finish, tar and chip driveways are a popular alternative to tarmac surfacing or block paving.

If you need a professional for your tar and chip drive in Norwich, Norfolk, we ensure a safe, well-made patching service for all our commercial and domestic customers.

Tar and chip is a great way to have a durable driveway or pathway. Contact us today for a free estimate and advice.

Why choose KT Lake for tar and shingle surfacing?

Why Choose A Tar And Chip For Driveway?

Tar & chip surfacing is a cost-friendly resurfacing material that gives a smooth, uniform surface. It can be used for driveways and pavements. When laying a tar-and-chip driveway, it is best to start with a solid base such as concrete or tarmac. The tar and chips are then laid on the base, with a layer of tar applied and rolled onto a surface containing bitumen. For a tough, durable, and natural-looking surface, tar and chip paving is a popular alternative to tarmac surfacing or block paving.

There are many benefits of using a tar and shingle driveway, including:

  • Low cost
  • Better traction
  • More durable 

  • Attractive to look at

  • Old driveways can be resurfaced in a simple process