resin bound driveway

Our Resin Bound Guarantee

Resin Bound 10-year guarantee

KT Lake & Son Paving & Landscaping warrants that any defects in workmanship during the construction of the resin bound surface will be made good free of charge for a period of up to ten years starting from the below date and subject to the under noted conditions. Products used are covered under the terms of the manufacture

This guarantee will only take effect once the contract has been completed to the satisfaction of all parties and full payment of the contract price has been made

KT Lake & Son shall do their utmost to make good any remedial work to the resin bound surface, but no assurance can be given that an exact recreation may be achieved as it is a natural product and colour may vary

This guarantee covers the resin bound surface for reasonable domestic use but Regrettably it does not cover damage caused by accident, neglect/lack of maintenance, damage caused by impact or staining caused by any substance

This Guarantee cannot cover a resin bound surface if it has been over laid on a surface which was not installed by KT Lake & son themselves

Hairline cracks may occur in very infrequent cases. This will not affect any overall performance of the surface and cannot be regarded as a defect This guarantee does not cover damage caused by settlement at a level lower than that exposed at the time of construction as this is outside of control of the company. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by tee roots, hedges etc

The aggregates used are a natural product and slight changes in colour may occur and cannot be avoided. in some cases, the colour of the resin bound surface may fade through general wear and sunlight but using a UV resin should eliminate this problem

After the resin bound surface is installed there is a curing time of 4-6 hours before you can walk on the surface and 24-48 hours before driving on the surface, the times stated is depending on the weather and time of year, KT Lake & son cannot be held responsible for any animals or people causing defect to the resin inside its curing time once we have vacated site

Although we take the utmost care to avoid cables and pipe work we cannot cover these items if they have not been installed less than the recommended depth of 600mm below ground level

We endeavour to provide a seamless finish to the surface however this is not always possible and in such circumstances a joining or expansion strip may be required

The person insured is the person named in the schedule and is non-transferable

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