resin bound driveway

Resin Bound Cleaning

Resin Bound Cleaning

As with all surfaces your new resin bound surface is not maintenance free. Minimal maintenance will keep your new resin bound surface looking fresh and weed free for years to come. Your resin bound surfaces should be cleaned as and when required.  Dependent on use, this may be monthly, bi monthly twice yearly or yearly. Avoid point loading


Mop : Mob Bucket : Cleaning Solution : Hand Scrubbing Brush (on a pole) : Rotary Machine Scrubber: Hose Pipe


  1. Soak the surface with water and the cleaning solution using a mop or cloth
  2. Scrub the surface vigorously using a hand scrubber or preferably a machine scrubber
  3. Rinse the dirty water away using a garden hose
  4. Allow to dry thoroughly. Apply a gloss roller coat if required, (Please contact us to purchase our Refresh Gloss sealer).

Cleaning Solution

Use a proprietary floor or patio cleaner that is not acidic or alkali. The ph of the cleaner should be neutral, around 9.

Power Washing

We do not recommend power washing this surface, as this is an aggressive tool. It can easily damage any surface if used incorrectly at high pressure and too near a surface. A patio cleaner tool, (accessory), that reduces the pressure significantly, may be used.

Diesel, Petrol, Oil Solvents etc

In the short term, your resin bound driveways surface is resistant to many household chemicals.  However, regular exposure over long periods will eventually damage the surface. Clean any corrosive material off straight away and rinse thoroughly. Some liquids, such as oil, wont damage the surface, but will stain it, if not cleaned off straight away Mistreating any surface will eventually damage the finish. Cement and tile grouts are virtually impossible to remove.


Generally, dust is washed through the porous surface and weeds are not a problem. Therefore, with regular cleaning, dust will not settle in the pores of the surface thus, seeds cannot establish themselves in the surface and start to grow. Any small shoots growing in the surface are most likely due to poor maintenance. Weed will establish themselves in the pores of the resin bound, if regular cleaning is not carried out.

Tyre Marking

To prevent tyre marking, we recommend not turning your wheels whilst stationary. To remove tyre marking, rub the mark with a cloth soaked in white spirit. Rinse the white spirit off straight away with a garden hose and fresh water

Moss and Algae

Clean off using a suitable non corrosive herbicide. Moss and algae occur mainly due to house position, prevailing weather and the presence of trees. Do not place skip containers or similar on the surface.

Rock Salt

Rock salt can be used on a resin bound surfacing. But the abrasive nature of the material may remove the glossy finish. Only use plastic snow shovels to scrape ice and snow up. Once freezing temperatures are over, rinse your surface.

Swimming Pools

Around swimming pools, after prolonged use, it is common to get calcium staining, due to the calcium contained in hard water. Use a specialist swimming pool surface cleaner to remove calcium carbonate deposits.

Cleaning Service

We can arrange for your drive to be cleaned at minimal cost. We have a 3 level service.

  1. Cleaning
  2. Cleaning and Gloss Reseal
  3. Cleaning, Gloss Reseal and Anti-Slip Application

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