KT Lake Paving & Landscaping helping NICU

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a specialist intensive care unit with 42 cots based at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, in addition there are also  bedrooms attached to the unit for the  use of parents wishing to stay overnight with their babies.

We are one of three centres providing the highest level  of specialist neonatal, medical and surgical intensive care across the East of England Neonatal Network. This means that we care for babies from our own area as well as from other hospitals in the Eastern region who require a higher level of care which may be due to extreme prematurity or because of a need for surgical or medical care for a specific condition.

We care for 900 babies a year, some may be with us for a few months while they grow and become strong enough to go home, others may just need a few days support with feeding. Babies born with specific problems may need surgery or complex medical care.

Babies may start off in our Intensive Care room and as they grow and improve will progress through to High Dependency and on the Special Care rooms. When well enough to go home some babies and families will still need support and we are able to provide this with our Outreach Team of nurses.

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund  is a hospital charity which helps fund projects that support the work of the NHS and works closely with supporters to ensure that funds raised go directly to the area specified by you, in this case NICU.

The money you raise helps to pay for the most up to date equipment to care for babies,  ensuring that staff are able to receive up to date training and that parents are supported with good facilities while their baby is in hospital.


Below are some of the items we are looking to try and fund from our charity funds
Breast Pumps (£1,800)
Comfy sofa and chairs in family room Reclining chairs for bonding with baby (£400)
Snuggle Up Wraps for positioning premature babies (£100)
Giraffe Incubator (£25,000)
New web information system for families (£1,500 annually)

For more information on how you can make a difference with your fundraising contact Louise Cook, louise.cook@nnuh.nhs.uk 01603 287107 (Fundraising Department).

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund Registered Charity Number 1048170

Our Vision: To provide every patient with the care we want for those we love the most