Incredible Garden Curving Design

Everyone who’s seen the garden has said “wow!”. Can’t thank you and the team enough for turning an absolute disaster area into the garden I had imagined.

By the time you first saw the garden, I’d tried to do paths and I’d tried to create beds and I’d done some planting, but one spade down, it was a nightmare – weird soil, rubble, concrete blocks connected by rusty steel rods, things that, even though it’s a new build, were unconnected with the house. We’d had a wet winter and when I started digging in the spring, the holes filled up with water from the surrounding soil. I even got in a drainage company to do a CCTV survey because I thought there must be a leak – but no. My house is lower than my neighbors and the soil was just saturated. Heavy storms in summer meant it turned into a pond that flooded into the house’s airbricks. I then dug up the plants, removed the paths and tried to “level” it. I then left it, too fed up with it.

You came to see it, but you didn’t see it as a problem. We spent over an hour outside going through everything. The team arrived exactly as you’d said. Four land drains in so my plants won’t rot in a mud puddle, and surface drains along the house walls for flash flooding, so peace of mind whenever a storm is forecast. Then the garden paths – I had imagined an incredibly curving design. I don’t think the team had come across such a design. They were surprised when I kept saying “more curve, more curve”. Their attention to detail is astounding. I’ve made them twist and turn the paths but they maintained the flowing design of the bricks. It’s amazing. I have a garden I can enjoy. It is a “wow”! Can’t thank you all enough.

DATE: 2017